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Goodwest has worked with a variety of industries over the years and understands their unique requirements. Click the links below to view our Project Highlights for that industry.

Goodwest has been protecting our infrastructure from corrosion for decades with long-lasting tank linings and protective coatings. We specialize in installing materials that resist the most aggressive conditions encountered in power plants, oil production, steel mills, municipal water treatment, and multitudes of other industries that are the backbone of modern civilization. Not to mention the miles of pipe linings Goodwest has installed that enable water to safely arrive at your house every day. Goodwest's employees take pride in ensuring our infrastructure will be there for the next generation.

When something as small as a pinhole in a tank lining can spell disaster, these industries have consistently relied on Goodwest for decades to protect their most critical equipment. Goodwest is accustomed to working on equipment that requires huge plants to be stopped in their tracks until we complete our job. This means we know how to work efficiently, safely, and with the utmost attention to detail in order to meet tight schedules and tighter quality requirements. If the job needs to be done right and on time, contact us now.

Trailer tank lining safety meeting
Coating repairs E230 NSF
Pipe lining example

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