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How Joint Lock Works

Welded pipe joints are ideal and used for most steel and alloy pipelines when linings are not required. Without Joint Lock, interior linings are damaged by the welding process and welds are contaminated by lining materials.  Joint Lock RingTM technology changes that.

joint lock pipe

Joint Lock carbon steel rings are rolled and machined according to inside diameter of pipe size. High-heat and abrasion resistant rubber is molded to the internal surface of each ring to create a rubber lining that is chemically bonded and mechanically anchored to the ring.

Pipe is rubber lined at a shop location with holdbacks left on each end for insertion of Joint Lock rings.

Then Joint Lock rings are inserted into each pipe end and bonded to the rubber lining.

During field install, an alignment tool brings the two sections of pipe together, compressing the molded high-pressure sealing edges of each ring. A full penetration weld creates a joint strength equal to the pipe wall itself. The heat-resistant rubber at the joint is unaffected by the welding.


Goodwest is an authorized distributor of the Joint Lock Ring™ system.

*The Joint Lock Ring™ system is a patent pending product of Imperial Pipe.

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